Service & Maintenance

Seasoning and Curing

Please read all safety warnings and instructions before operating your American Barbecue Systems Smoker/Grill.

Place your smoker/grill outdoors on a non-combustible, hard, level, surface. Never use your smoker/grill on a deck or near combustible material (wooden fences, buildings, trees, landscaping, etc.) Place your smoker/grill a safe distance away from children, pets, houses, garages and other buildings during use.

Seasoning/Curing Your Smoker/Grill

Before smoking or grilling on your new American Barbecue Systems Smoker/Grill you must first season or cure the unit. Seasoning the smoker/grill allows the unit to get hotter than the actual temperature of the smoking process. The cooking oils penetrate and fill the open pores of the metal. At this higher temperature, the high temp paint adheres to the metal, creating a durable exterior finish. Do not scrape or rub the exterior during the seasoning process.

Step 1:

Open the smokebox door and always secure with the latch. Always place enough water to cover the bottom of the Smokebox. This will prevent rub and spices from burning into the dry metal. This will also help drain juice and grease out of the smokebox.

Note: Make sure water never runs into the firebox.

Inside the smokebox only, using vegetable oil, spray a light coat on all surfaces, (walls, top, bottom, racks, and trays).

Note: Do not spray inside the firebox.

All-Star Model: Always make sure the baffle plate is in position. Slide baffle plate into the brackets located on the bottom rails in the back of the smokebox.

Step 2:

Raise the firebox door and always secure with the latch. Pull out the grill rack and put in a safe place.

Note: Only use the grill rack when grilling.

Place 6 to 8 pounds of charcoal on the firebox charcoal/wood grate. (Avoid letting the charcoal touch the side walls which will extend the life of your smoker/grill). Ignite charcoal in firebox using a chimney charcoal starter or electric charcoal starter.

Note: Never use charcoal lighting fluid, gasoline, alcohol, kerosene, or other flammable fluids to ignite the charcoal.

Note: You can use charcoal and/or the smoking wood of your choice in your smoker/grill.

Step 3:

Slide the dampers all the way open on the firebox sides. Pull the brass spring knob out on the smokebox damper handle. Using the stainless steel cool-touch damper handle, open the smokebox damper wide open. (Damper plate should be parallel to the bottom of smoker bottom). Screw open the smokestack(s) cover approximately 1″ (inch).

Step 4:

Carefully light charcoal and leave the firebox door open until the flame has reduced and the charcoal starts to turn white with ash. (approximately 15 to 20 minutes)

Note: Do not close firebox door immediately after lighting charcoal. Flames could damage the smoker/grill finish.

Step 5:

Close the smokebox and firebox doors. Allow the temperature to reach 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjust the stack(s) cover plates and dampers to maintain this temperature for (1) hour. Close stack(s) cover plates and dampers, this will suffocate the fire. Allow smoker/grill to cool completely.

Note: American Barbecue Systems recommends spraying the inside of smokebox with cooking oil periodically and store in a dry place with a cover. This will protect the smoker/grill from excessive rust and damage to the finish.

Now that your American Barbecue Systems smoker/grill has been seasoned you may begin the smoking and/or grilling process.