The Best Smoker for Backyard Barbecuers

Posted By: americanbbqsystems, 19th May 7:47pm Category: Product Highlight
grill and smoker all in one | American Barbecue Bar-Be-Cube

The Bar-Be-Cube is the perfect smoker for anyone of any skill level. We’re convinced it is the best smoker for backyard barbecuers because you can cook a variety of meats with the ability to smoke and grill within one unit. This grill features stainless steel racks within the cooking chamber that allows you to cook for small family dinners, or large parties with ease. With the Bar-Be-Cube you are able to grill as usual with high heat, or smoke with low heat. This option truly gives you the best of both worlds!

The firebox in the Bar-Be-Cube is designed to give you more control over cooking temperature, with damper plates and a slide-in drawer with a charcoal basket and an adjustable ash pan. While it might not look like it, due to it’s size, you can easily tote this grill and smoker to all of your barbecue events! The never-flat wheels make it easy to transport uneven grass, gravel, and concrete.

More Reasons Why the Bar-Be-Cube is the Best Smoker for Backyard Barbecuers:

  • 6 Stainless racks
  • 2 Removable work shelves
  • Accommodates 5 levels of cooking
  • Charcoal divider for controlled, efficient burn
  • Easy handling with never-flat wheels
  • Durable paint
  • Made in the U.S.A

The intuitive design and the capability of smoking and grilling, make the Bar-Be-Cube the best smoker for backyard barbecuers. Interested in purchasing one? Find a dealer near you!